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The 14th AEEP Energy Talks are expected to start on May 8, 2024, and will focus on “Empowering Africa: Accelerating Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Development.” The online event highlights the crucial role of energy efficiency in meeting Africa’s energy needs, aligning with SDG7 and COP28’s Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency pledge. The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) was launched by African and European Heads of State in 2007 at the AU-EU Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Energy efficiency, termed the “first fuel,” is vital for saving energy, reducing demand, enhancing energy affordability and security, and supporting climate goals. It cuts energy bills, mitigates price volatility effects, spurs economic development, reduces fuel imports, creates jobs, and eases strain on energy infrastructure. Additionally, it aids in cutting down emissions from the energy sector, contributing to climate change mitigation.

The African Energy Commission (AFREC) is developing the African Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan (AfEES) alongside the European Union. This initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency practices across various sectors, with a long-term goal of decoupling economic growth from energy consumption and significantly increasing energy productivity by 2050 and 2063.

Moreover, the African Energy Efficiency Programme, developed by AFREC in collaboration with U4E, targets transforming the continent’s energy market towards higher efficiency lighting and appliances. This program aims to reduce electricity consumption, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, facilitating Africa’s transition to efficient electrical products, saving billions for consumers and optimizing the power system’s productivity.

Similarly, the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive plays a pivotal role in Europe’s energy transition and climate ambition. The directive, enhanced as part of the REPowerEU plan in response to international energy crises and to decrease dependency on fossil fuel imports, is a key driver of the EU’s climate goals.

The 14th AEEP Energy Talks will delve into Africa’s current energy efficiency landscape and explore experiences from Europe in implementing energy efficiency measures. It will also discuss the potential for deeper collaboration between Africa and Europe to innovate energy efficiency solutions.

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