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Efficient energy management, a strategic issue

In charge of the delegated management of the “public lighting” department of Greater Casablanca (Morocco) since 2009, Lydec operates a fleet of more than 145,000 light points.

Aware of its contribution to the economic and environmental performance of Greater Casablanca, Lydec integrated the challenge of controlling the energy consumption of its infrastructures as a key issue in its Sustainable Development Action Plan 2020 (PADD 2020).

Articulated around 4 commitments and 20 objectives, PADD 2020 aims in particular, in its objective 13, to control the impacts linked to the distribution of electricity.

While Morocco, the country holding the COP presidency for 2017-2018, has set an energy efficiency target of 15% by 2030 ahead of COP22, Lydec wished to take part in this process through a climate change action plan adopted in January 2016 aimed at controlling the effects and adaptation to climate change on the territory of Greater Casablanca

In this context, the challenge of efficient energy management has been erected as a strategic issue. Indeed, out of the 341,200 tones CO2 equivalent (Teq CO2) emitted by Lydec for the year 2015, there is a strong predominance of emissions from electricity distribution and street lighting activities, to a lesser extent.Emissions from electricity distribution and public lighting activities thus account for almost 85% of the company’s GHG emissions. As a reminder, the emission factor per kWh in Morocco is relatively high compared to other countries. It is 720 g of CO2 per Kwh in 2015.

Aware of the contribution of its public lighting business to the sustainable development of its anchoring territory, Lydec has defined in 2016 an energy efficiency strategy in public lighting. Named 3EP for Energy Efficiency in Public Lighting, this program aims to reduce the electricity consumption of the public lighting fleet by 20% by 2020 compared to 2015, ie a reduction of 16,000 tons of CO2 equivalent.

This program is based on the following pillars :

• carry out a thorough energy diagnosis of the network
• operate operational and technological optimizations of facilities
• Generalizing LED Technology
• Deploy Remote Management &
Gradation Systems
• Introducing renewable energy solutions.

Seven flagship projects in the wake of COP22

Upstream of the COP 22, Lydec, in close collaboration with the delegating authority, carried out 7 innovative projects with the aim to improve the quality of public lighting service, reducing energy consumption, around innovations such as:

Installation of 1000 LED lighting in 5 Neighborhoods

While improving illumination and visual comfort, Lydec installed 1000 high-efficiency LED lighting in five districts of the city of Casablanca (Hay Sadri, City of Police, Blad Al Azze, Al Assil, El Mansour).

LED luminaire installation for lighting 18 gardens.

This project consisted in the equipment of 18 gardens, totaling more than 600 light points, spread over the different prefectures of Casablanca, in decorative lighting using high energy LED lighting fixtures.

Remote controlled LED lighting of National Road N ° 11

This project consisted of renewing the public lighting network of the

National road N ° 11 on a line of 4 km. Thus, 144 Decorative Candelabras and 288 LED lights last generation were installed with a remote management system.

Installation of Solar LED lighting

As part of this project, Lydec installed 44 poles equipped with Photovoltaic LEDs on several ramps of the motorway as well as on the ROOSEVELT garden. This autonomous energy solution also makes it possible to optimize the operating and maintenance costs of the public lighting network.

Installation of electronic counters remote reading

One of the factors allowing the optimization of the energy consumed in public lighting is the control of the reading elements and the meticulous follow-up of the consumptions recorded by the counters.

The project of remote reading of more than 550 meters of public lighting allows, through a dedicated platform, to follow in real time and to analyze and control the consumptions in comparison with the recorded history and to receive alerts for events defined in cooperation with the Urban Commune of Casablanca.

Optimized management of the electricity distribution network:

Prepare the City of tomorrow

Currently, Lydec’s electricity network has more than 6,000 intelligent metering points installed at source substations, public distribution stations, customer stations and public lighting control panels.

These meters are all remotely managed by a single platform that allows you to put together all the data necessary to:

• The control of losses in low voltage networks

• The control of losses in medium voltage networks

• Real-time monitoring of the electrical behavior of the transformer park via a customized alarm system and configured as required to enable rapid management of detected events: overload, load unbalance, Interruption of service, voltage non-conformity…

• Planning and study of electrical networks

The implementation of all the projects has resulted in an annual energy saving estimated at 1.4 GWH: A concrete contribution to the economic and environmental performance of Greater Casablanca. With its experience, Lydec is continuing to mobilize its businesses to provide optimized solutions adapted to the challenges of the City of tomorrow, in a context of mitigation and admittance to the effects of climate change.