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Funded by European Union and implemented by Expertise France

Since the beginning 2018, Expertise France has implemented the ECLER IVOIRE project as part of the European Union Program ENERGOS II which gathers all cooperation projects in support of the energy sector in Côte d’Ivoire.

ECLER IVOIRE is implemented in cooperation and for the benefit of the Directorate General for Energy (DGE) of the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Development of Renewable Energies, as well as CI-ENERGIES agency.

The two components of the ECLER IVOIRE project are:

• Decentralized rural electrification by renewable energies;

• Energy efficiency in public buildings.

The main objective is to enhance the rural populations’ access to electricity through solar energy and to reduce energy consumption in public buildings.

The ECLER IVOIRE team supports the Ivorian government in defining and implementing its strategy for universal access to energy.

There is a significant potential for energy savings in public buildings in Côte d’Ivoire and ECLER IVOIRE aims to sustainably reduce energy consumption in these facilities. More specifically, Expertise France will conduct energy rehabilitation works on one building to realise a pilot project for energy efficiency and energy management that could be duplicated in the other public buildings.

Through awareness-raising and rehabilitation activities, this project’s component aims to:

• Strengthen user safety;
• Improve user comfort;
• Reduce energy expenditure;
• Contribute to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gases’ emissions.

A centralized technical management system which allows to simultaneously control all energy consumption units will be deployed. Moreover, Expertise France will train technicians that will supervise the system and ensure the maintenance of the energy efficient equipment.

Expertise France will also conduct training and awareness-raising activities to improve the behavior of users. In order to ensure sustainability of Energy Efficiency actions, the ECLER IVOIRE project will deploy an energy management system in the building selected for the pilot project.

Funded by European Union and implemented by Expertise France